Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nick Choksi and Love Out Loud VII

A native of Saint Louis, MO Nick Choksi studied dramatic arts at The Julliard School of Drama earning the sixth annual Julliard Journal award. He went onto work at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in both Washington and the Repertory Theatre of Saint Louis. He began getting parts on television in Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2005) as Dr. Sanjay,The Sopranos (2006), The Electric Company (2011) as Tuxedo Pete (2011) and roles in films, What Happened on the Fourth Date (2008) as Jonathan and Violet and Daisy (2011).In 2010, Nick auditioned and won the role of Vimal Patel on One Life to Live. The producers decided to keep Nick on board his first day and he continued to be part of the Clint Buchanan DNA fiasco. Nick’s performance was a fan pleaser although not everything Vimal did was necessarily on the up and up. It’s the mark of an excellent actor to make a flawed character endearing. Eventually Vimal was redeemed. Chances are that was a result of Nick’s charisma coming through. We are very proud to have him join us for Love Out Loud VII, which is fast becoming a New York Soaps reunion. Come, reunite with those people, like Nick, who brought you some daytime joy.

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