Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Giovanni Vitacolonna and Love Out Loud VII

One of the most fulfilling things to do is sing. There was a t-shirt that proclaimed, "Music is what feelings sound like." Therefore, finally hosting and doing a complete set of songs at the very fundraiser I set into motion in 2006 is most satisfying and why I am hoping for a great crowd. I thought it would be difficult this year because we rely so much on the local Soap Opera community. There are no longer any in New York City. The response has been excellent from local actors some of whom have entered the realm of my favorite people.

Go here to see who is on board: http://www.love-out-loud.com/events.html

I will be opening the show at 6:00pm with the very handsome and very talented Michael Kevin Walsh, the owner of Smooth Spot Studio and we will be followed by the very popular and sexy Gregory Nalbone. The band tomorrow will be headed by NYC musician John Kouri. The wonderful actress and singer Ilene Kristen may provide us with a surprise rendition.

I have participated in 15 AIDS Walks between New York and Los Angeles. I have participated in walks in Nashville and Philadelphia. Participating in and organizing events is my gift.

Singing is not necessarily a gift, but the love of singing is and now I want to give back. I hope you can all come along. The greatest gift of all is sharing.

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