Monday, April 30, 2012

Damon Jacobs and Love Out Loud VII

Damon L. Jacobs is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in Manhattan who helps individuals and couples develop comprehensive and effective tools for reducing stress and depression while increasing peace and happiness. He specializes in treating Grief and Loss, Addictions, Anxiety and Panic, Bullying Trauma, Caretaking Fatigue, Social Conflict Resolution, Depression, Anger Management, HIV related issues (including coping with a new diagnosis) and Sexual Identity & Coming Out, all with a sensitivity toward diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds. His writing brings these elements together in fresh ways in order to challenge and eliminate harmful "shoulds" in his book Absolutely Should-less

Damon has attended Love Out Loud the past four years, and will be thrilled to be covering the event again with interviews and features for We Love Soaps TV ( On his devotion to soaps, Damon replies, "I often get asked as psychotherapist, 'Why soap operas? Why do your support soaps, why do you care?' My answer is very simple. Serialized story telling is a unique artistic medium that enhances our minds and souls like no other. The consistency of the continuing story allows us to see our lives reflected, validated, and transformed. Whether the show focuses on people solving mysteries in their community, or mysteries of the heart, a good series illustrates people facing obstacles, overcoming adversity, conquering challenges, building relationships, and never giving up! I am so honored to cover this genre that uses heart, intelligence, resilience, and humor, to entertain and enlighten our world." To learn more about Damon's work, please visit To reach him about a counseling session or speaking engagement, please contact him

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