Monday, October 10, 2011

Love Out Loud from Witti Repartee

Witti Repartee has been called many things: "Hostess," "Chanteuse," "Fabulous" and "Woody." Since 1997, she has been entertaining crowds of two and three in some of the darkest, most out of the way places her agent can find. You may not remember having seen her at the Ice Palace, you may have forgotten her performances at Mother, or you may have blocked those evenings when she's dominated the piano at The Monster. Harder to forget are her years of work with the Imperial Court of New York as a performer and event producer, the year and a half she hosted "The Gayest Link" at Hannah's Lava Lounge, or her reign in 2003 as the Queen of the New York City Gay Men's Chorus. Never having achieved the status of "Been," she revels in the fact that no one can claim she's a "HAS-Been," simply someone whose bookings are continually on the wrong side of the Bushel. Under it. She’s excited at her new position with the ICNY: Imperial Crown Princess Royale, and looks forward to Daytime Meets Nighttime!

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