Thursday, September 29, 2011

If You're Loving Out Loud, You Must Be Ilene Kristen

Friendship is probably the best human relationship available and when it happens, it is a true blessing. And friendship does that, i.e. it just happens, usually because there are individuals who know how to do it well. Loyalty pays a big part in it. Couple that quality with the heart of a journeyman actor and singer who finds true expression in work and you have Ilene Kristen.

If Ilene is not the first to step up for fundraising events she is pretty darn close. She has been the driving force for so many of POZ's sponsored fundraisers. We all know she's been around the block more than once, but she brings the enthusiasm of a neophyte to her work. It's been said before and it bears repeating: To Know Her is To Love Her. We are once again very proud to announce that this New York angel is on board with Daytime Meets Nighttime and we couldn't be happier that the unique interpreter of One Life to Live's unique Roxy will be meeting and greeting her many fans as well bringing some panache to the proceedings!

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