Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kristen Alderson Loves Out Loud

Bucks County, PA is somewhere fictional One Life to Live’s Llanview might very well be and it is the birthplace of Kristen Alderson who has been playing Starr Manning on the show ever since she auditioned for the role at the age of six— that’s more than half her life! She brought a lot of pizazz to the younger Starr, the offspring of two very, for lack of a better term, charismatic individuals: no mean feat. Alderson is a natural. At that early age Kristen was already a show business veteran given her experience as Molly in Annie. The multi-talented young lady virtually grew up with the character of Starr and then brought new and interesting interpretations to the role when Starr became a teen mother. She first came to Love Out Loud in 2008. Kristen will once again be joining our fundraiser. Let us hope the bright future that awaits her will serve as a good omen for AIDS Walk New York.

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