Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Generous Souls Performing Out Loud

[Adam Sank, Comedian and Host]

[Jeremiah Clark, singer, songwriter]

[Stewart Lewis, singer, songwriter, radio host, author]

[Gregory Nalbone, singer and heart throb]

[Oriol Gutierrez, Deputy Editor, POZ; Adam Sank and Gio]

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love Out Loud 2011: Silent Auction

[David A. Gregory]

[Beth Chamberlin]
There is a silent auction for the autographed poster from the event ... bidding starts at $35.00 Please send your bid to "giovitaco*at*" Proceeds will go to AIDS Walk New York. "Silent Auction" in subject line.

Thank you so much for your support! The event was great and it is very gratifying to see how much you all care

[Austin Peck and Terri Conn]

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Walkin' the Walk: David A. Gregory

Mr. Gregory's presence at the New York AIDS Walk today brightened the dreary weather for more than one reason, most important being the one where a man does indeed walk the walk and talk the talk. This talented actor has a loyal following for all the obvious reasons. There is a lot going on in his heart and mind. He is also quite a multi-tasker. There he was walking with the Broadway Impact team and studying lines. How he did it is less interesting than taking note of a highly motivated individual. Now say it out loud, "He has a bright future ahead of him!"

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lovin' Out Loud: Greg Turner & Brian Hewson

Greg Turner is a product of New York University’s Department of Dramatic Writing . He was a 2008 Semi-Finalist for the Disney Fellowship in Feature Film. For the past two years, Greg has been working on Empire, an internet soap opera, he co-created. Season four of Empire is currently in pre-production and the first three seasons are available at Greg and his Empire producing partner, Brian Hewson are also in development for a new webseries starring Martha Byrne. His new musical All Fall Down, written with Selda Sahin, was produced in the 2009 New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) directed by Lonny Price and starring Jenn Colella and Mary Testa. A finalist for the 2008 Eugene O’Neill National Music Theatre Conference, All Fall Down is based on his play of the same name, which was produced at the NYU Festival of New Works in 2002. In May of 2009, Greg made his European debut as a playwright at the Keller Theatre with his comedy The Gift Exchange a workshop production in New York from 2007. Greg has adapted The Gift Exchange into a screenplay and is planning to film it on location in Vermont.

Brian Hewson graduated from New York University in 2003 with a degree in Communications. He has spent his time since then in a myriad of activities including general management of All Fall Down. For the past two years he has been working on Empire.

In Turner and Hewson we get to experience the future of a genre that will never die. These young turks are on board for Love Out Loud VI. Come meet and greet the future of story telling.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Kelley Missal Loves Out Loud

Kelley Missal was born and raised in Central New Jersey and pursued her dream of acting with her parents’ support and soon began auditioning in commercials. Having a father in show business as a drummer for rocker Billy Idol, Kelley and her brother were taught to play guitar and drums. She also enjoys singing and dancing. Kelley appeared as an orphan on Saturday Night Live in a vignette with Dan Aykroyd and Jimmy Fallon. After three years of not working, she told her mother she wanted to pursue the acting bug again and appeared on Comedy Central’s Dennis Leary Roast. She has successfully done several voiceover ads as well.At her audition forOne Life to Live in 2009, Kelley won the part of feisty teen, Danielle Rayburn immediately after her screen test. She credits her co-stars Trevor St. John, Florencia Lozano and Eddie Alderson with helping her evolve as an on-screen actress. We are very happy to add Kelley to Love Out Loud VI. She’ll take time out of her busy day to help us raise funds for AIDS Walk New York.

Shenell Edmonds Loves Out Loud

If you look in the dictionary for future international super star you will see pictured the schoene punim of Shenell Edmonds. This Hampden, CT native had her first official paid acting gig in a Lowe’s Home Improvement National Radio Commercial. Shenell joined One Life to Live in 2009 as scene stealer Destiny Evans, her first major television role. Before that life changing adventure in 2008, Miss Edmonds played Casey in the short family filmCouples Only. In addition to acting, Shenell enjoys dancing, listening to music, traveling, swimming and volunteering. If that doesn’t leave her breathless, she is honing her skills as a cook and hopes to be very good at it some day. In the meantime we are very proud to announce that she has volunteered to attend Love Out Loud VI, something which will make her many fans very happy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kristen Alderson Loves Out Loud

Bucks County, PA is somewhere fictional One Life to Live’s Llanview might very well be and it is the birthplace of Kristen Alderson who has been playing Starr Manning on the show ever since she auditioned for the role at the age of six— that’s more than half her life! She brought a lot of pizazz to the younger Starr, the offspring of two very, for lack of a better term, charismatic individuals: no mean feat. Alderson is a natural. At that early age Kristen was already a show business veteran given her experience as Molly in Annie. The multi-talented young lady virtually grew up with the character of Starr and then brought new and interesting interpretations to the role when Starr became a teen mother. She first came to Love Out Loud in 2008. Kristen will once again be joining our fundraiser. Let us hope the bright future that awaits her will serve as a good omen for AIDS Walk New York.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Billy Magnussen Loves Out Loud

Anyone who includes carpentry among his interests has to be quite an interesting fellow and As the World Turns was blessed with the very interesting Billy Magnussen as Casey Hughes fresh from his Broadway stage debut in the classic comedy, The Ritz, starring Rosie Perez in 2008. As a member of that cast it is particularly poignant because it was a hit originally in 1975 when the sexual mores of this country had not yet been effected by the HIV virus. This Queens native who was raised in the Deep South comes to Love Out Loud for a second time, along with other local celebrities, who are lending their names and energies to HIV and AIDS awareness—some are young people who don’t know a world without this disease. It is reassuring that this young man is involved in raising awareness as well as helping out with a fund raising effort.

Andrew Trischitta Loves Out Loud

New Jersey resident, Andrew Trischitta, has been in the business for over eight years. He has done numerous print jobs and commercials (Ring Pops/Ruby Tuesday's). In January of 2011 he took over the role of Jack Manning on One Life to Live in a very timely teen bullying storyline. In his free time Trischitta enjoys playing soccer year round, hanging out with friends, playing X-box, reading, eating, snowboarding, being with family, listening to music, and summer. We are happy that he will be infusing the evening’s events with youth and vitality. Come out to meet and greet this young man with a generous heart.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Max Tapper Loves Out Loud

Max Tapper was born and raised in Brooklyn. In his blog he tells us that he is all about positive energy. "I enjoy the most simple things in life and only require the simple things to be happy. I'm all about enjoying life." He is truly enjoying his role as One Life to Live's Detective Theo Price . This 6'5" Scorpio native has a lot of loyalty from his many fans. We are fortunate to have this fitness model and actor on hand to greet those fans who will no doubt come out to support him. This is a man who definitely makes a good and lasting impression.