Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soap Opera Royalty Loves Out Loud: Thom Racina

Thomas Frank Raucina was born in Kenosha. To help finance college, he wrote books simply to earn money- books that he didn't even want recognition for. Thom Racina (as his professional name came to be) wrote Westerns, romances, porn or whatever else the publisher paid him for. He moved up to mainstream publishing with a take-off on The Happy Hooker: My Own Story, by Xaviera Hollander, called The Happy Hustler, which he wrote entirely in one weekend. The novel ended up being successful, selling three million copies and spawning three sequels. His breakthrough came in 1977 and was titled The Great Los Angeles Blizzard."Rights were purchased to adapt it to the big screen, but the cost estimates for the film were too high for it to be profitable. Racina took a 19-year hiatus after this novel to work on writing for TV. He gave the world 4,000 broadcast hours of Search for Tomorrow (1980), General Hospital(1981-1984), Days of Our Lives (1984-1986), Another World (1986-1988), Generations (1988-1991) and Santa Barbara (1991-1992), besides writing for the much-acclaimed nighttime series, Family (1978-1979). As a writer for the soaps, he received five Emmy nominations, one specifically for "Luke & Laura's Wedding on" General Hospital- the single highest-rated episode in daytime history (30 million people tuned in). “I loved being head writer, for you get to play God and get paid for it to boot! It was a great time, and sometimes, I'll admit, when I'm feeling lonely in my newly-chosen solitary profession as a novelist, I do miss it. But I can't do both, and having a book or two on library shelves when I'm gone means a great deal. Writing books is nourishing for the soul.”After many busy years spent writing for TV, Racina returned to life as a novelist and moved to Palm Springs. It was not difficult for him to get back into the swing of writing thriller novels, with Snow Angel being published shortly after in 1996. He has since written Hidden Agenda (1998), Secret Weekend (1999), The Madman's Diary(2000), Never Forget (2002) and Deep Freeze (2005). We are proud that this very caring man who is had in common by both Elizabeth Taylor and Brad Pitt will be at Loud Out Loud VI.
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