Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stewart Lewis Does Love Out Loud

For the second year in a row we are proud to announce that Stewart Lewis will be part of the proceedings on May 11th at Prohibition. There is a new interview at

Stewart Lewis’s soulful blend of pop and folk has been featured on many TV shows, including Ghost Whisperer, Dawson’s Creek, Party of Five, and MTV’s Laguna Beach, as well as the feature films A Four Letter Word, Just Friends, and Firehouse Dog . His magnetic stage presence and quirky storytelling have earned him spots opening for Shawn Colvin, Patty Larkin, Josh Ritter, Sheryl Crow, and Ani Difranco to name a few. For more information, visit

Go here for the rest of the interview.

Stewart Lewis began his career in the living room of his parents home, when at a mere age of five he was thrown a tambourine. His parents moonlighted in a bluegrass band and there was always four part harmony around the fire among sleeping labradors.
Attending the University of Colorado in Boulder, a few years later, Stewart directed plays and starred in the main stage production of Pippin. At the time, his band Acoustic Junction was becoming a college jam band phenomenon, opening for Blues Traveler and The Band among others. After graduating, Stewart left the band to pursue acting in New York. After a short stint on CBS’s Guiding Light, Stewart decided to move back to Colorado and pursue a solo singer-songwriting career. After the release of his first recording Faces in the Crowd, Stewart’s soulful blend of pop and folk was featured on Ghost Whisperer, MTV's Laguna Beach, Joan of Arcadia, Dawson's Creek, Biggest Loser, and Firehouse Dog.

He has shared the stage with Grammy winner Shawn Colvin and indie stalwart Ani Difranco. Stewart was the very first artist signed to the Here! TV Network and Regent Entertainment's new music venture, Here! Tunes, where the CD, In Formation was released. He is also the author of the semi-autobiographical novel Rockstarlet, and Relative Stranger (praised by Augusten Burroughs) both from Alyson Books. No wonder Neil Plakcy at GayWired referred to the fetching Mr. Lewis as a triple threat. If threats be the food of admiration, threaten us, please. It was a reference to his three major talents as a singer/songwriter/novelist. No doubt there are more threats coming. He is part of the WCBS radio family, doing thrice-weekly reports on “City Life” in Manhattan and the five boroughs.

As Stewart is wont to remind us: Music is such a gift, and it really does make the world go round.

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