Friday, November 19, 2010

Lovin' Mighty Kate

"When Katy Pfaffl became Mighty Kate, it was presumably to skirt the trouble of repeating her consonant-heavy name to everyone she met. But heroic connotations of her pseudonym are no accident -- there is something genuinely superhuman in her constant swapping between violin, piano and guitar, not to mention the towers of sound she builds in her songs” [Daoud Tyler-Ameen, WNYC ] Mighty Kate is known for dazzling audiences with her engaging and endearing performances where she switches back and forth between piano, guitar and violin. Her accessibility and appeal rest in her great ability to mix classic and contemporary styles. With a voice that can both comfort and command, she captivates her audience with extraordinarily well-crafted songs. A firm supporter of Lifebeat’s Heart & Voices program, the backbone of which continues to be drawn from New York City’s hardworking grass roots music scene. The willingness of this diverse pool of performers to generously give of their time and talent is what makes this program possible. It was a natural progression for Mighty Kate to offer her time and talent to this night.

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