Friday, October 15, 2010

Lovin' Colton Ford Out Loud

The subject of Naked Fame, Christopher Long's “intelligent and appealing documentary” which tells how Colton Ford, “wildly successful gay adult film star leaves porn behind to pursue his dream: music.” If that weren’t enough, he is now part of the stunning cast of here! TV’s The Lair as Sheriff Trout. He has generously agreed to perform at Brother, Brother! King for A Day a World AIDS Day concert and tribute to Carole King’s music. What is most striking about this formidable and multi-talented man’s modus operandi is his ability to achieve his goals flying in the face of conventional wisdom. Long time fans know that there is nothing at all conventional about the man and given his history it is a boon to Lifebeat that he is doing his part for awareness and fund-raising on their behalf.

Find out more about him here.

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