Friday, August 13, 2010

Love Out Loud for Matt Montgomery

"A lot of actors come into this industry and they do a gay film here or there and either they themselves or through the advice of other people, decide that they don't want to continue playing other gay characters because they're afraid of being typecast. I felt the complete opposite," he said. "I felt a huge sense of loyalty to these filmmakers and to the viewers watching these movies. If I spent the rest of my life only doing movies in the independent film industry, at least it's part of something that's progressive and part of something that's at the frontier of movement and change."
"It was never my plan to stay in or leave the gay independent film industry," he added. "It was just omething that kind of happened. But I kept working and what started to happen is it started to open other doors for me in general."
Born in Houston and raised Corpus Christi, Matthew thought his television was filled with tiny people and he wpndered how he could get into the set. It was then that his artist father explained to him what acting was.
"I never wanted to do anything else," he said.

More from Greg Hernandez on Matt
Montgomery right here.

from Jessica Pena’s mini-biography:

Matthew Montgomery, Houston born, raised Corpus Christi, Texas, Actor, Producer, Artist.

With an artist father as a role model Matthew Montgomery was immersed in the art world at a very young age. As his surroundings consisted of his father's gallery as well as his father's friends who were made up of other artists, filmmakers, writers and actors, inspiration was not hard to come by. As a child he was known to put on elaborate puppet shows as well as skits and in depth reenactments of movies and cartoons. With a step-mother who possessed a fascination with classic Hollywood films, Hepburn, Brando, Stewart, and Gable were household fixtures to his upbringing.

Here is Matt's site.

It is very exciting news for Love Out Loud West that we now have the co-stars of Finding Mr. Wright on board.

Love Out Loud, a launch party and fundraiser for AIDS Walk Los Angeles will take place on October 14, 2010 from 5:30 to 9:00 pm at East/West Lounge 8851 Santa Monica Blvd ($25.00 suggested donation) David "Mr Wright" Moretti is your host.

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