Friday, May 7, 2010

Lovin' Nicholas Rodriguez

POZ is very proud to announce that actor and singer Nicholas Rodriguez will be joining us on May 12 at Prohibition. He was part of One Life to Live's landmark gay story line. He is taking time out during a very busy week to join us. Rodriguez was known to Broadway musical lovers from his roles in Tarzan, and Almost Heaven. And then the talented, handsome Texan came to television land. On playing Nick Chavez on One Life to Live, Mr. Rodriguez had this to say: "I'm just so grateful to be working with people like Brett and Scott, and Tuc Watkins has been a really big help. Everybody's just so cool. They're such pros…If we can put that in American homes, people who may not know another gay person, people that live outside of New York and California, if they can like us as real people, then we're really making a difference... It's real, deep love and issues that we're dealing with. We're just so proud to be handling it. It makes me want to get involved in so many other aspects of my life…Being an artist, I have people I look up to who have been out and proud in the community, and it's not like I've ever not been out, but I've never really mixed it with my work. So here I am finding myself playing a gay activist, and in real life, I could do so much more in my personal life… It's just making me realize I can do so much more good with it." Here’s the rest of the interview at AfterElton's Gays of Our Lives. Well, now he is doing something a little more for the HIV community on May 12th for POZ's launch party for AIDS Walk New York.

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