Friday, May 21, 2010

Gratitude Out Loud

POZ had another luminous fund-raiser on Wednesday May 12, 2010 with more than a few luminaries! POZ is gratified by the support coming from the entertainment industry and the loyal fans who make it out to Prohibition year after year. Thank you so much!

BethAnn Bonner
Orlagh Cassidy
Bonnie Dennison
Mark Dobies
Mike Dreyden
David Fumero
Melissa Fumero
David A. Gregory
Mick Hazen
Scott Herman
Thorsten Kaye
John Kouri
Ilene Kristen
Ben Levin
Stewart Lewis
Michael Lowry
Ken Lundie
Alisha Minshew
Gregory Nalbone
Donovan Patton
Sean Ringgold
Nicholas Rodriguez
Saundra Santiago
Jason Tam
Caitlin Van Zandt
MarTina Vidmar
Matt Walton
Murray Weinstock
Bree Williamson
Kim Zimmer

Very special thanks which words cannot adequately express to Diane Nilsen, Charlotte Walton, Rita Lisko, Karla Golden and Daiva Kezys! Some people never let you down! Thank you, Jelly Bean! We hope you're having fun in Sullivan County.

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