Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting A Clue: Donovan Patton for Love Out Loud

Here’s something to write in your handy-dandy notebook, Donovan Patton, Blue’s Clues beloved Joe played a gay bashing thug on One Life to Live in what may have been a great career move if not inspired casting. All the parents who were devoted to Blue’s Clues watching with their young ones moved in closer to the television screen to make sure it was really him. It was and convincingly so. When he auditioned for the role of Joe, the producers of Blue's were auditioning 1,500 people before choosing Patton to replace the original host. The research they conducted with preschoolers and their parents was integral in their choice; producer and co-creator Angela C. Santomero called it "unanimous".Donovan remembers it this way, “My manager sent me to the audition, and they called me back—for six more. They really wanted to be sure they had the right guy.” The son of an Air Force officer, Donovan Patton was born on Guam and brought up on military bases in Germany and around the States. It turns out he’s actually a cousin of the legendary Gen. George S. Patton. He caught the acting bug in junior high school. After starring in a show called Charlie and the Six Chicks, the lad was hooked. In New York City, Patton got roles in productions of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and Juliet. This is how Donovan describes his perfect day, “… one in which I get to show up to work. No kidding. I’d rather act than be on vacation. In some ways, I’d rather not have an actual ‘perfect day,’ because how the heck are the rest of the days going to stack up?” Well, at least cocktail hour at Prohibition on May 12, 2010 will be close to perfect with the presence of the very charming Mr. Patton at Love Out Loud.

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