Friday, May 21, 2010

Gratitude Out Loud

POZ had another luminous fund-raiser on Wednesday May 12, 2010 with more than a few luminaries! POZ is gratified by the support coming from the entertainment industry and the loyal fans who make it out to Prohibition year after year. Thank you so much!

BethAnn Bonner
Orlagh Cassidy
Bonnie Dennison
Mark Dobies
Mike Dreyden
David Fumero
Melissa Fumero
David A. Gregory
Mick Hazen
Scott Herman
Thorsten Kaye
John Kouri
Ilene Kristen
Ben Levin
Stewart Lewis
Michael Lowry
Ken Lundie
Alisha Minshew
Gregory Nalbone
Donovan Patton
Sean Ringgold
Nicholas Rodriguez
Saundra Santiago
Jason Tam
Caitlin Van Zandt
MarTina Vidmar
Matt Walton
Murray Weinstock
Bree Williamson
Kim Zimmer

Very special thanks which words cannot adequately express to Diane Nilsen, Charlotte Walton, Rita Lisko, Karla Golden and Daiva Kezys! Some people never let you down! Thank you, Jelly Bean! We hope you're having fun in Sullivan County.

Friday, May 14, 2010

AIDS Walk New York

"You prove to the world that we are a powerful people when we agree to stand together, and I am proud to be among you."

-Actress Camryn Manheim,
speaking at the 2006 AIDS Walk
San Francisco

The 25th annual AIDS Walk New York takes place Sunday May 16, 2010.

Make a donation here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

David A. Gregory for Lovin' Out Loud

David Andrew Gregory was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, on August 19, 1985. At an early age, he knew that he wanted to be an actor. One summer he went to Interlochen Center for the Arts. The experience at the summer arts camp left him with the feeling that he had no other choice; performing arts was a part of him, and he was meant to act. In 2008, David graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Music Theatre from Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio. During his college years, he had exposure to acting opportunities that he had not received anywhere else, and he really appreciates the insight that he has taken away from his mentors and teachers. Leading up to his role as Robert Ford on One Life to Live, David endured seven months of unemployment.He eventually got a call to audition for One Life to Live’s casting director, and although he didn’t feel the vibe, afterwards he got invited to read for Executive Producer Frank Valentini. Before he even making it home, he got the call, and they had an answer for him: Meet Robert Ford, everyone!
David is also very fortunate to have a great family who supports his ambitions, and he credits them for where he is today.Concerning his role on One Life to Live, he thanks his fans for their support, and he really appreciates their role in bringing his character, Ford, back to the show. David was also quite memorable in a comical Airborne TV advertisement. We are very proud to have One Life's sexy cad with us for Love Out Loud. [thanks to Jen Faulkner]

Getting A Clue: Donovan Patton for Love Out Loud

Here’s something to write in your handy-dandy notebook, Donovan Patton, Blue’s Clues beloved Joe played a gay bashing thug on One Life to Live in what may have been a great career move if not inspired casting. All the parents who were devoted to Blue’s Clues watching with their young ones moved in closer to the television screen to make sure it was really him. It was and convincingly so. When he auditioned for the role of Joe, the producers of Blue's were auditioning 1,500 people before choosing Patton to replace the original host. The research they conducted with preschoolers and their parents was integral in their choice; producer and co-creator Angela C. Santomero called it "unanimous".Donovan remembers it this way, “My manager sent me to the audition, and they called me back—for six more. They really wanted to be sure they had the right guy.” The son of an Air Force officer, Donovan Patton was born on Guam and brought up on military bases in Germany and around the States. It turns out he’s actually a cousin of the legendary Gen. George S. Patton. He caught the acting bug in junior high school. After starring in a show called Charlie and the Six Chicks, the lad was hooked. In New York City, Patton got roles in productions of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and Juliet. This is how Donovan describes his perfect day, “… one in which I get to show up to work. No kidding. I’d rather act than be on vacation. In some ways, I’d rather not have an actual ‘perfect day,’ because how the heck are the rest of the days going to stack up?” Well, at least cocktail hour at Prohibition on May 12, 2010 will be close to perfect with the presence of the very charming Mr. Patton at Love Out Loud.

Mick Hazen Returns to Love Out Loud

Mick Hazen began his acting career in the fourth grade after a casting director went to his school in search of a young actor to appear in the movie Birth, with Nicole Kidman. His audition earned him a director’s callback. Although he didn’t get the role, Hazen was cast in the 2004 CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, Plainsong, for which he received a Young Artist Award nomination for Supporting Young Actor. He has also made guest appearances on The Chappelle Show, Guiding Light and Third Watch. Hazen joined the cast of the CBS daytime drama As the World Turns in November 2006, playing the role of Parker Munson. For his work on As the World Turns, Mick was nominated for a 2008 Young Artist Award for Supporting Actor in a Recurring Role. In 2009 he picked up his first Young Artist Award for his performance on As the World Turns. Hazen has worked on several Disney animation projects and has done numerous voice overs for television commercials. Mick volunteers his time at least once a week during his school lunch hour to deliver meals to neighborhood seniors. Young Mr. Hazen seems to know exactly what he is about and Love Out Loud is proud to have him as part of the team..

Monday, May 10, 2010

Love Out Loud for Caitlin Van Zandt

Caitlin Van Zandt another New York City native who is also an alumna of Guiding Light will be joining us for Love Out Loud on May 12. As Ashlee Wolfe on Guiding Light Caitlin was cast for only a six episode arc which very shortly turned into a full time gig. She also starred as Allegra Marie Sacramoni on the hit HBO series The Sopranos and in two independent films, Stephanie Dally and Garden of Eden, both of which were featured at the 2006 and 2007Sundance Film Festivals respectively. Attending Hunter College Caitlin majored in religion with a minor in psychology. She has a passion for Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and belly-dancing, which is a part of her daily exercise regimen. This exceptional young woman has been to Love Out Loud before and we are most proud to have her back as will her many fans.

Love Out Loud for Bonnie Dennison

This New York native who is best known for her roles on Guiding Light and Third Watch will be joining us for POZ’s launch party and fundraiser for AIDS Walk New York. Bonnie Dennison has a passion for baking, dancing and volleyball. She began her acting career at the age of nine on Reading Rainbow. Since then her acting experience has included The Education of Max Bickford with Richard Dreyfuss, and Sidney Lumet's 100 Centre Street. Bonnie has also appeared in two Columbia University graduate films, Deros and Persona, as well as Saturday Night Live and The Late Show with Conan O'Brien. Her appearance at Love Out Loud is truly making it very much into a Guiding Light reunion. All the better for those of us who want to guide attendees toward HIV/AIDS awareness.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lovin' Melissa Fumero

Although Melissa Fumero and her husband are both self-proclaimed klutzes, she has been dancing since she was a child, and still takes classes when her schedule allows it. Daughter to Cuban-born parents, Melissa Gallo Fumero was born and raised in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. In December 2003, she received a BFA in Drama from New York University and less than a month later she began appearing on One Life to Live as Adriana, the long lost daughter of Dorian Cramer Lord. In 2006, Ms. Fumero was nominated for an ALMA award due to her work on One Life to Live. While working on the show, Ms. Fumero met her future husband, David Fumero (Cristian Vega). The couple married on December 9, 2007. She has the lead role in a soon to be released independent film Tiny Dancer. It is an honor to have the beautiful and talented Melissa at Love Out Loud on May 12th. Such a beautiful way to make people aware of a good cause.

David Fumero and Lovin' Out Loud

David Fumero who is very dedicated to his beautiful actress wife, Melissa, will stop by POZ magazine’s fund-raiser for AIDS Walk New York on May 12th. One Life to Live has had the good fortune of having him as part of the cast since 1998 off and on. His many fans continue to have the good fortune of his presence on their tiny screens. This handsome man has been making himself known since his high school years. Perhaps it is his Cuban heritage that steams up the camera lens. Prohibition will have the good fortune of his presence and he will take one great step for continued HIV/AIDS awareness.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lovin' Nicholas Rodriguez

POZ is very proud to announce that actor and singer Nicholas Rodriguez will be joining us on May 12 at Prohibition. He was part of One Life to Live's landmark gay story line. He is taking time out during a very busy week to join us. Rodriguez was known to Broadway musical lovers from his roles in Tarzan, and Almost Heaven. And then the talented, handsome Texan came to television land. On playing Nick Chavez on One Life to Live, Mr. Rodriguez had this to say: "I'm just so grateful to be working with people like Brett and Scott, and Tuc Watkins has been a really big help. Everybody's just so cool. They're such pros…If we can put that in American homes, people who may not know another gay person, people that live outside of New York and California, if they can like us as real people, then we're really making a difference... It's real, deep love and issues that we're dealing with. We're just so proud to be handling it. It makes me want to get involved in so many other aspects of my life…Being an artist, I have people I look up to who have been out and proud in the community, and it's not like I've ever not been out, but I've never really mixed it with my work. So here I am finding myself playing a gay activist, and in real life, I could do so much more in my personal life… It's just making me realize I can do so much more good with it." Here’s the rest of the interview at AfterElton's Gays of Our Lives. Well, now he is doing something a little more for the HIV community on May 12th for POZ's launch party for AIDS Walk New York.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love Out Loud for Kim Zimmer

One of television's brightest stars with a name that is almost synonymous with Guiding Lighthas decided to come on board for the little fundraiser that could. We are very happy that Kim Zimmer will be joining us. Zimmer began her long career in daytime television playing a terrorist on One Life to Live . While working on The Doctors, she met and fell in love with husband A.C. Weary. Zimmer’s first priority is her three children with Weary. “I have to go on record as saying my children are the best children in the world,” she once boasted to Soap Opera Digest. Zimmer remains most recognized for her role as Reva Shayne on Guiding Light, which she created in 1983. After leaving Guiding Lightin 1990, Zimmer landed guest spots on many prime time shows, as well as appearing in many movies-of-the-week. She returned in 1995 and remained there until it went off the air. She is much loved and obviously very generous with her time. Her many fans will be delighted to meet her and greet her -- and very likely hear her perform.