Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thorsten Kaye: What's Not to Love?

Don’t hate him because he’s beautiful. Love him because he is subtle in his delivery and can say more with a glance than copious words could descry. An athlete and an actor with the heart of a poet is a description fitting Thorsten Kaye to a tee. He has presence and, therefore, his characters fill the small screen whenever he appears. His work with Alicia Minshew has been noteworthy on All My Children as was his work with Susan Haskell back in the Golden Age of One Life to Live.

Thorsten Kaye is one of the important elements in helping get Love Out Loud off to a running start, because he has generously taken the time to come by to greet his many fans every year and help bring attention to the fundraiser. He is loyal to the cause and they are loyal to him.

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Wanta change the world?
There's nothing
To it

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