Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lovin' Mike Dreyden Out Loud

Creating a stir in Manhattan is no mean feat and that’s exactly what Mike Dreyden has done, creating quite a buzz in the gayborhood and well beyond. The rising star in the gay adult entertainment industry, has appeared in productions by Lucas Entertainment, Raging Stallion and Titan Media. It was his performance in Bear Omnimedia's House of Leather (only his second film) that garnered him a coveted 2008 GayVN Award nomination. Far and above dazzling us in productions on both the small and big screens and on stage with acting abilities that will surely please, surprise and entertain, Dreyden is a stud with a heart. In his free time, Mike volunteers his time and celebrity with The Men's Sexual Health Project, a service and program that offers HIV/STD testing at New York City bath houses and sex clubs. Go here for dates and more information. One way to save sex is to celebrate sex while imparting a safe message. The message has always been that when it comes to sex one should live as if one is positive. This one time club dancer has a great many irons in the fire from mainstream acting gigs to physical fitness training and is having the time of his life. Keep track of Mike's adventures via his blog.

Doing his part for AIDS Walk New York and the POZ team effort [click here for a direct donation] Mr. Dreyden posed in the blue version of the tee donated by Diane Nilsen for the Love Out Loud fundraiser at Prohibition on May 12, 2010.Go here to purchase the t-shirt.

There are nice guys and then there's Mike Dreyden, ok?

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