Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lovin' Michael Lowry Like A Brother

Michael Lowry is a man of many talents. He earned a dual degree in zoology and biology from Oregon State University. In 2006-2007 attended UCLA Center For Prehospital Care. He occasionally works as a certified EMT in the respected Central Park Medical Unit. If that weren't enough, in addition to acting he plays guitar in the successful NYC ACDC tribute band Done Dirt Cheap. Back when Liza Colby wanted Dr. Jake Martin to father her child on All My Children, there was no discussion regarding the wherefore. At the time the character inhabited the fetching frame of Michael Lowry. One Life to Live upped their studly quotient with the addition of Mr. Lowry as Ross Rayburn, Elijah Clark's (Matt Walton) brother. He brought passion to his scenes with Kassie DePaiva and much adversarial chemistry to those with Florencia Lozano. Making Ross Elijah's brother was inspiring and now the brothers' portrayers will be reunited for POZ's AIDS Walk New York fundraiser.

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