Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love Out loud for Matt Borlenghi

Actor Matteo "Matt" Borlenghi, spent some of his childhood in Italy, a dual US-Italian citizen, the very talented man was born in Los Angeles, California. Matt studied his craft at a variety of schools including Lee Strasberg Institute, Beverly Hills Playhouse and Tracy Roberts Actors Studio. Borlenghi is no stranger to daytime drama series having starred in All My Children as Brian Bodine opposite Kelly Ripa's Hayley, on The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives. He has recently been cast in ABC’s stalwart, General Hospital. He has had numerable guest appearances on television, notably as Russ Francis on The Jeff Foxworthy Show. His film roles include the Nick Cassavetes film Alpha Dog and the independent film Bloody Mary. His own new creation is the independent film Jack Rio in collaboration with director Gregori J. Martin. He will be joining Love Out Loud at H-Wood on October 15th with one of the producers of that film Sean Kanan. Come meet the exceptional Matt Borlenghi as he donates his valuable time to a good cause.

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