Monday, September 28, 2009

Love Out Loud for Thom Bierdz

The beauty of Thom Bierdz is that he has evolved from a TV teen heartthrob into a consummate artist. The journey has taken him beyond tragedy and into a new life as an award winning author and a recipient of the Thalians' "Key to the Light" award.

What this says about him is that he is a survivor and a survivor is exactly what this event calls for. On his coming out of the closet: "I'm no hero here because I did not come out when my career was going strong and I could have made an impact. I came out when my career was at its lowest and I did it for sanity -- my sanity in order to make my world mesh with the 'real' world, I had to find equilibrium. I had to find my truth and stand for all that I am. And a big part of me is being gay. I've have always been more comfortable in the gay world." Well, Thom is back on The Young and The Restless in a landmark return. He may not be a hero in his own mind, but this brave and gentle soul's life has evolved into one that can inspire. We're glad that Thom will be joining the POZ team at H-Wood on October 15th.


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