Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Love Out Loud for Ilene Kristen and Roger Newcomb

POZevent angel, Ilene Kristen is in a film produced and promoted by We Love Soaps, Roger Newcomb, also a very good friend to our events. Roger sent this over today. It's Gay Thursday over at Column of Life, but, it's very appropriate here as well given that Roger and Ilene step up to help out always. Seems as if this film has something to say. Relevancy, ah, sweet relevancy.

Forbes March will be playing a gay character, Mason, on As The World Turns starting in July. But this isn't his first gay role. He played Matt Malone in the Loger, Inc. film, Manhattanites, which is now available on DVD at the official site

Matt is an up and coming gay singer in New York City, who has signed with TM Productions and who gets involved with the very closeted head of Family Focus Magazine, Blake Whitney. Blake just happens to be dating Matt's entertainment attorney, Marilyn Marsden, played by the sensational Ilene Kristen. Matt's life becomes even more tangled: the head of TM Productions is Blake's somewhat homophobic brother, Charlie. He's also dealing with a tenuous relationship with his own brother, Todd, who has always been his parent's favorite. He wants the world to know about his love for Blake, but Blake's closeted life as head of Family Focus, and the complications that might face his career, have kept him silent. When Marilyn finally discovers the affair, all hell breaks loose, and Matt is left to try to hold on to his career and his man.

Here Forbes is reading through the script before filming an intense confrontation scene with Marilyn.

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