Saturday, June 27, 2009

Love Out Loud Once More for Ted Detwiler

Del Shores has pointed out to the fans of Sordid Lives that Ted Detwiler starred in his Southern Baptist Sissies, before he became Jacob on the series. Fans of Ted and the series need to let TPTB know that there is much to be gained in keeping the fetching Mr. Detwiler on our radar.

Go here to help save the very entertaining Sordid Lives. Geez Louise, it's original gay programming! Hello?!

Anyone who grew up on a surf board and turned professional at the tender age of 16 is worthy of attention. There are more than enough reasons to pay attention to this fine young gentleman who turned to theatre after an ankle injury. It was Ted Detwiler’s and Del Shores’ mutual good fortune that they both were working on the situation comedy Ned & Stacy where they met. Their friendship and collaboration has led to our good fortune in enjoyable art with both Sordid Lives and Southern Baptist Sissies. He has starred in numerous musicals and plays. TV credits include Crossing Jordan, Sliders and Hyperion Bay. His film credits include: Must Love Dogs, The Ring 2, After Sunset, Chasers and Blood Money.

It was fortuitous when Ted joined Bacharach to the Future. Here is his performance on You Tube.

Much good fortune to go around. The man can sing and by the way, here's his reel:

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