Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Love Out Loud for Murray Bartlett

Feeling restless in Australia, Murray Bartlett relocated to the United States and the new millennium blessed us with another magnificent Aussie. Inspired anew after some acting classes, he got randomly cast in an episode of Sex and the City. “I got a working visa out of that. I always wanted to live outside of Australia...because I think it's good to see the world and get out of where you've been living, particularly if you're from somewhere like Australia, which is so isolated from the rest of the world. I chose New York because there was such a great choice of acting classes and it's such an intense place. In a way it's the opposite to our lifestyle in Australia. It's so laid back there, and I wanted to be stimulated.” He is perhaps best known for his recurring role as D.K. in the sci-fi television series Farscape. In 2006, Bartlett toured with Hugh Jackman in the Australian touring company production of Jackman's Broadway hit The Boy From Oz. Since March 2007, Bartlett has been a cast member on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light, where he plays the sometimes nefarious Cyrus Foley. Like many of his fellow Australians Bartlett shares a fondness for Thai cooking and the beach. He claims that his idealism is one of his worst qualities. POZ’s Love Out Loud on the other hand praises him for that very quality and thanks him for being at his worst.

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