Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love Out Loud for Meredith Hagner

Born and raised in the South and Southwest, Meredith Hagner attended Boston Conservatory and didn’t stay very long, because she moved to Brooklyn after being offered various acting opportunities in more than a few commercials. New York City gave her the opportunity for her “scripted television debut” in April 2008 as Liberty Ciccone of As the World Turns. Hagner also has a role in the USA Network show, Royal Pains come June 2009. There is more to this young woman than that. She has a classically trained voice and is a prolific songwriter who occasionally performs with her guitar. But here is the good part: She also volunteers with the Special Olympics; she has a sister who has Down Syndrome. Love Out Loud is proud that she decided to offer up some time on her busy schedule.

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