Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Love Out Loud for Billy Magnussen

Anyone who includes carpentry among his interests has to be quite an interesting fellow and As the World Turns has been blessed with the very interesting Billy Magnussen as Casey Hughes since January 2008 fresh from his Broadway stage debut in the classic comedy, The Ritz, starring Rosie Perez. As a member of that cast it is particularly poignant because it was a hit originally a hit in 1975 when the sexual mores of this country had not yet been effected by the HIV virus. This Queens native who was raised in the Deep South brings to Love Out Loud a new wave of talent, along with cast mates Jake Silbermann and Evan Alex Cole, who are lending their names and energies to HIV and AIDS awareness—young people who don’t know a world without this disease. It is reassuring that this young man is involved in raising awareness as well as helping out with a fund raising effort.

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