Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Love Out Loud for Adam Mayfield

Scott Chandler, the son of Cindy Parker (played by Guiding Light Executive Producer, Ellen Wheeler back in the day) a PLWA in fictional Pine Valley, married sweet Stuart Chandler who adopted Scott and raised him as his own. The story line was ground breaking not only because it dealt with the stigma of HIV/AIDS early on, but it also showed that the HIV-positive were worthy of true love and could indeed live out their dream. Scott has returned to All My Children in the person of Adam Mayfield who has been part of Boston Public, Girlfriends, Just Shoot Me as well as Sea of Fear, Corpse Run and most recently the spy thriller, Rushin’. The 6’2” actor is one for those of you who have never met a Texan you didn’t like. As a matter of fact we have it on good authority that he is quite on the ball. "Cool" was the exact terminology used. Of course, he is, because he has become part of this event. We’re glad to have the chance to get to know one of the good guys a little better.

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