Friday, April 24, 2009

Love Out Loud for Mark Lawson

ABC Daytime Salutes Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
is a very long title, but they've been doing it for five years and the last one was not without its moments. BethAnn Bonner reprised her excellent Bacharach to the Future performance of "Waiting for Charlie to Come Home" followed by what was for many the surprise of the evening, Mark Lawson's rendition of "Anthem" from Chess. Lawson's upper torso on One Life to Live is legendary. It is, therefore, easy to ignore other talents therein. Hence, when his beautiful voice blessed the audience with this beautiful piece, the reaction was palpable. One of his co-stars, Farah Fath had this to say in a recent interview: He is really intense, and I like to work with actors who take their work seriously. He is a true actor’s actor. He gets in there and finds the rawest place he can go. He does not care if it’s a big scene or small scene. He is committed. Mark was on contract from the beginning, but that does not really mean anything. I think they were really impressed with him, and he works really hard, does his homework, and I respect that. Lawson has fans in other cast members, among them Ilene Kristen who is no slouch in recognizing true talent. It's POZ's good fortune to have the exceptional Mr. Lawson with us on May 13th at Prohibition. His ever growing legion of fans will be very happy about that as well.

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