Thursday, April 9, 2009

AIDS Walk New York

POZ’s fund-raising project for AIDS Walk New York, Love Out Loud at Prohibition on 13 May 2009 continues to grow. Feel free to make a direct donation: the donor page.

The money helps -- and yes, there are those who are concerned about where the money goes, perhaps Africa itself is more in need -- but there are still those here who need it and the ones who need it most might not yet know that they do.

There is satisfaction that comes from being among those who help make others aware. The months spent nudging friends, shamelessly requesting help from people who are virtually unknown and actually creating a party atmosphere to get people to pay attention sheds light on those who are true friends and those who truly care.

As always, appearances are contingent on shooting schedules. Still this year looks very good for this effort as our event grows. There will be more names added as the date draws near.

The good people at Prohibition, BGR Web Design, Graphic Communications, Law & Order: SVU, & All My Children have lent valuable assistance in moving ahead. Something like this tends to bring out the best in people.

There are the very generous people who have responded to donation solicitation and the fun auctions on eBay items. There is also this great t-shirt.

Come. Join us. Respond to for event reservations, especially if you'd like a table.

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