Friday, March 20, 2009

Love Out Loud for Jake Silbermann.

New York City native Jake Silbermann was raised in an artistic family and always had an interest in performing. In 2007, he landed a day player role on Guiding Light; later that year, he was cast as Luke’s long-awaited love interest Noah on As The World Turns . Almost immediately, Silbermann was embraced by fans clamoring for an openly gay couple and [they] became a favorite pair. In fact, they were so popular, all of their scenes were put on YouTube. The pair's popularity continues to soar, as they're constantly voted Favorite Couple in Digest's online polls. Jake's contribution to their on screen chemistry speaks volumes about the acting talent of one so young. In this day and age it still needs a bit of chutzpah to play a gay role. It is getting better because of the likes of Jake Silbermann, who has graciously agreed to become part of Love Out Loud 2009.

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