Friday, March 20, 2009

Love Out Loud for As the World Turns

The up side of being a gay male teenager in the 1960s is that there were excellent books written by the likes of Gore Vidal and James Baldwin in existence for over a decade and were accessible as paperbacks, although they were hidden under pillows and read only in extreme privacy.

However, had there been the opportunity to enjoy what today's teenagers have the opportunity to enjoy on As The World Turns one might have been secure and honest in the expression of one's sexual identity. That is the true beauty of the roles played by Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann.

These videos have a life on YouTube. Luke and Noah were given life by the good people at Procter and Gamble. Who would have thought? OK, well, Baldwin or Vidal did not write their scenarios--still it's simply a matter of seeing a reflection and in some small way having that reflection celebrated. It is not exactly a fountain of youth or a rejuvenating elixir, but it does afford the opportunity to look back on one's adolescent self and love him.

[This is a re-post from Column of Life web log from 5 June 2008. It's re-posted because today we were informed that Jake Silbermann will be attending Love Out Loud]

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