Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Love Out Loud for Billy Miller

Billy Miller is no Richie Novak, his manipulative alter ego on All My Children the show he left last summer. It is our good fortune that he is very different and taking the time once again to join us for a fund-raiser. This time in West Hollywood. Vist here. He was quite popular among his cast mates and quickly built a following among the show’s fans. Billy now gets to repeat that success on The Young & The Restless. He holds a degree from the University of Texas in Austin as one of only twenty students in the film department's Intensive Production Sequence. Intensive is the operative word here. For example, like many an actor before him, Mr. Miller is no stranger to bartending, and his approach to that experience is to have his own company building and operating bars in Austin, TX and South Bay, CA. As a true denizen of the Southwest, this young man doesn’t let any grass grow under his feet and now after taking New York by storm, he is taking the Left Coast much the same way.

Billy Miller is the real thing. He defines intensity, intelligence and generosity. He is genuinely one of the good guys.

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